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RE-Talk ASEAN: Inside 1GW Solar Tender in Myanmar

Formerly Asean Solar + Energy Storage

November 14 - 15, 2022

Myanmar is one of the most poorly electrified countries across Southeast Asia, with an average electrification rate of around 42% only. The country’s electricity consumption per capita also ranks among the lowest in the world at just 227 kWh, whereas the world’s average per capita has already reached 3,000 kWh.

Being a nation blessed with abundant sunshine and strong economic growth, it is a great idea to bridge the country’s electric supply gap with carbon free solutions. However, building a business is not as easy as building a solar power plant.

- Winner Timetable in Line with Bid Extension


  • Issuance of tender documents: 18 May 2020

  • Bid submission data: 17 July 2020

  • Announcement of responsive bidders: Before 3 July 2020

  • Price proposal opening date: Before 8 July 2020

  • Issuance of letter of acceptance (LoA)

  • Execution of PPA: Early January 2021

  • Start of commercial operation: Early February 2021


Peter Crowhurst

Chief Executive Officer

British Chamber of Commerce 


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Edwin Vanderbruggen



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K.K Hlaing


SMART Group of Companies

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- Key Requirements You Need to Concern


  • Minimum average annual turnover: at USD 20 Million

  • Experience in power generation: at least three projects n the last 10 years

  • Model to be used: In operation for at least five years

  • Bidders need to identify the sites: By themselves and conduct land due diligence.

  • Lending Rates from local banks: Range from 10% to 14%.

  • Payments Myanmar Kyats: Require reliable local partners for repatriation of funds)

- Top Speculations toward Bid Results:


PPA tariff rate: Lower than USD 5 cents/kWh

For Slides of Mr. Edwin Vanderbruggen and Mr. Peter Crowhurst, please direct requests to LinkedIn pages as in the right side.

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