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Corporate PPA Market in APAC

In terms of CPPA opportunities in APAC, Australia has the most mature market among others. Additionally, the enormous potential is in Japan, where CPPAs will grow significantly in the coming years due to the phasing out of FIT scheme and increasing RE100 commitments In Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is the only country that has a specific...


White Paper

Floating Solar Markets in ASEAN

Since the first floating solar plant was built in 2007 in Aichi, Japan, this young technology has experienced rapid development throughout the world such as China, Japan, Korea, the U.S., Europe, ASEAN, etc., from tested small scale to large scale of even hundreds of megawatts.

In this report, the general concept of floating solar...

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Top Microgrid & Battery Storage Projects/Portfolios in ASEAN

As of the first quarter of 2020, there are approximately 6,600 microgrid projects in the world, with a total capacity of 32GW. A compound annual growth rate of the modular microgrid market is about 28% in the next decade, reaching approximately 378GW by 2030.

This paper mainly focuses on the top microgrid and...

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Solar Market in ASEAN

The economy of Southeast Asia has been developing rapidly, which has been increasing the demand for electricity. In 2016, Indonesia had the 

highest total electricity consumption by 225.91TWh, and Cambodia had the lowest total energy consumption in Southeast Asia by 6.24TWh....

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The state of Global and ASEAN Energy Storage Market

Over the past 10 years, over 26 GW of energy storage have been announced for deployment from project developers, approximately 17% of these projects are operational. In this report, it shows the main trends for large-scale energy storage project financing and incentives and lists the top 20 countries aiming to deploy and use large-scale....

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Renewable Asset Management in Vietnam and ASEAN

The market of ASEAN's renewable energy has a sea change in 2019, which Vietnam becomes the largest market in Southeast Asia. There was a capacity of about 4.1GW that is the solar energy project, to be commissioned in Vietnam until June 2019. Therefore, an efficient asset management solution is essential for renewable energy plant's owners...


Investment and Finance for Indonesia's Coal-to-Green Transition

Market Background in Indonesia:

Growth of electricity demand at pace of 4.5%-5.5%

Reduced reliance on fossil fuels, while pushing renewable energy as priority

National renewable energy capacity to reach 23% of overall energy mix by 2025, with solar and wind representing...


RE-Talk ASEAN: Inside 1GW Solar Tender in Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most poorly electrified countries across Southeast Asia, with an average electrification rate of around 42% only. The country's electricity consumption per capita also ranks among the lowest in the world at just 227 kWh, whereas the world’s average per capita has already reached 3,000 kWh...


RE-Talk ASEAN: Corporate Sourcing Reaching the Edge of Boom

Market of Corporate PPA is growing rapidly especially over the past few years and mainly done in AMER, APAC is still has a small portion. Growing attention to ESG, de-carbonization and increasing cost-competitiveness of renewable is driving the demand...

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