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IMPACT Webinar:
- Unleashing Wind in ASEAN

[Impact LIVE] Unleashing Wind in ASEAN
(Feb 08, Online | Part of APAC Wind Energy Week 2023)

Date & Time: 15:00-16:40, GMT+8, Feb 8 Wednesday

Format: Digital Conference


ASEAN countries are committed to achieving a 23% renewable energy share of energy supply by 2025. This ambition is demonstrated by the significant achievements of many ASEAN member countries, such as Vietnam, which has 11.8 GW of installed wind capacity. The Philippines is a close second, with around 3.5 GW of wind farms currently under development.

To support the low carbon transformation process, it is imperative to strengthen cooperation among key stakeholders in the SEA countries. Achieving this goal will face different challenges across the region as some countries are more advanced in terms of infrastructure in renewable energy and financial instrument compared to other countries. Therefore, discussion among key stakeholders in the
region is pertinent to address the gaps and learn from each other to scale up the clean energy transition and meet the net zero economy targets.
At this conference you will get an up-to-date overview of the markets of the key ASEAN countries - 
Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand - and their energy transition targets, as well as an insightful discussion on the prospects of the market in this region with great potential for future wind Energy. 

Key Takeaways:

  • ASEAN countries face energy transition

  • One of the most dynamic and promising markets for wind energy

  • The Enormous Potential of Floating Wind Power in ASEAN

  • The second phase of the ASEAN Action Plan for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) sets out an ambitious five-year sustainable development plan to 2025

Industry News:

Paving the way for wind energy prosperity in Vietnam




Wind Power Development in ASEAN: It’s Promising!

New Roadmap Shows Potential for 21GW of Offshore Wind by 2040 in the Philippines

Speakers to be announced...

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