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Goldwind's Pragmatic Strategy for Southeast Asia's Wind Market

[Interview] Goldwind's Pragmatic Strategy for Southeast Asia's Wind Market

Meet the Speaker:

Mr. Si Zhongwu, Deputy General Manager, Goldwind Asia

Work in Goldwind since 2005, 5 years R&D experience, 10 years’ international technical experience and join Goldwind Asia center as current position since 2020. Focusing on providing suitable and reliable wind solution, make more contributions to the society.

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed..

  • Regarding the Philippine Wind Power Market: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Goldwind's Tailored Approach to Addressing the Unique Geographical, Environmental, and Regulatory Factors in the Philippines

  • Driving Progress in the Wind Energy Supply Chain Across Southeast Asia: Goldwind's Comprehensive Involvement from Manufacturing to Installation and Maintenance

  • Goldwind's Vision for the Future of Wind Energy in Southeast Asia

Insights Brought to You by:

Mr. Si Zhongwu

Deputy General Manager

Goldwind Asia


Kayla Shi

Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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