IMPACT Webinar:
 The Possibility of Green Hydrogen Economy in the ASEAN’s Power & Utility Sector

[IMPACT Webinar] The Possibility of Green Hydrogen Economy in the ASEAN’s Power & Utility Sector

Time & Date: 14:30 – 16:00 GMT+8, September 13, Tuesday

Format: Digital Conference


The development of RE in different countries and regions of South East Asia is in a period of high growth. However, inadequate construction of infrastructures and the limited capacity of transmission lines leads to a surplus of PV capacity.

Major ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand have started to set their sights on Green Hydrogen, as it is an effective means of storage to alleviate the problem of renewable curtailment and a solution to augmenting the distribution infrastructure. Producing hydrogen from excessive renewable energies also makes economic sense in countries like Vietnam, compared with landing hydrogen projects from scratch.

Nonetheless, to realize such a vision would require a significant upfront investment, as well as years of investment in resources and manpower.

Is now the right time for power and utilities to pursue hydrogen? Will green hydrogen divert attention away from the renewable sector? How can the concept of the future be approached in a more informed way? This time we sit down to explore the value of a green hydrogen economy and how it relates to and affects the renewable energy sector.

Draft Points:

  •    The Feasibility of Hydrogen Use in Energy Mix and Power Generation

  • Considerations from Green Financiers when Originating RE Projects

  • Practical Guideline: Challenges and Solutions towards Solar + Hydrogen Project
  • Comparison Between Different Storage Solutions Advancing Solar in ASEAN
  • Conclusion: Invest Now or Later? And on What Conditions?


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